hi, i'm Craig

A Product Designer

In an open relationship with technology, while fully committed to humanity



Designer, father, musician, Writer, libra

User experience product design is what I do. In 2017 I relocated to Dublin, Ireland, with my little family. I work with an incredible team at Axonista, where I lead user experience and product design. I work with our growing product team to build the best damn video CMS the world has ever known. I also rack my brain with the team to predict, influence, and design the future of television and video.

Before moving to Dublin, I led UX design and research at National Geographic Society while at Celerity, a DC based digital agency. A little slice of amazing to work a team and brand of that caliber.



Take a look at some of my recent and past work case studies here. Since 2012 I've had the privilege to work with a range of companies, organizations, and products. From global brands like National Geographic Society, to early stage startups; international organizations to grassroots non-profits. Applying human-centered design processes to solve challenges big and small is kinda my thing.


Micro UX

Short reads for designers. 


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