Personalized Dining Experience



  • Project - Create solution for challenges in dining experience due to restrictions and preferences 

  • Target Users - Eaters with unique taste preferences, food restrictions, and specialized diets
  • Problem - Dining experience for eaters with limited food options is challenging, frustrating, and poses potential health risks. Solutions in the market are inadequate and this target market is underserved
  • Goal - Understand core user pains, and propose a product solution to address them, and proved a safe and enjoyable dining experience
  • Role - Founder, UX Designer & Researcher, Strategist
  • Team - Strategic advisors

Project Description

As an eater with a number of food restrictions, this user challenge this project aimed to address is something I personally identify with. However, with any user centered product development process, hunches are good starting points but not proof of product-market-fit. My approach has been to talk to as many potential users, restaurant owners and staff, and food-focused entrepreneurs as possible to fully understand the pain points of stakeholders at all points in the dining and eating experience.

I've been as much of a researcher as a designer in this project. The goal from the outset was not to create a mobile application to use in restaurants, but based on my research, personal mobile devices served the need perfectly. Getting to this point, however, involved a lot of conceptual and mapping work to ensure what I proposed to build was what users wanted.

This is an ongoing project, and is not currently live in the market. For a detailed write up of my process, please check out this page.