National Geographic Museum



  • Project - Redesign National Geographic Events & Exhibitions Website

  • Target Users - Museum visitors and event goers
  • Problem - Users unable to navigate site, find clear information on exhibitions, and confidently purchase tickets
  • Goal - Design a usable, intuitive, and responsive site for the museum, and align look and feel with the site
  • Role - Lead UX Designer & Researcher
  • Team - UX Director, Visual Designer, Development Team, Digital Strategist, Content Producers

Project Description

This project was an exciting opportunity to engage our design and development team, a large and enthusiastic group of internal stakeholders, and museum visitors/event goes that experiences significant challenges with the previous site. The key problems we aimed to address with this redesign included user confusion over navigation, inaccurate search results and inability to discover relevant events, and complexity of events data and how to surface details consistently across all event/exhibition types.

We approached these, and other challenges, with a robust discovery/information gathering phase, testing alternative site structures for an optimized information architecture, and continuous user interviews and design iterations based on learning.

We launched the new site with resounding excitement and satisfaction from Nat Geo executives, museum staff, and (most importantly) users of the site. Ongoing tracking of KPIs is ongoing to determine the effectiveness of our work.