National Geographic Education



  • Project - Redesign National Geographic Education Website

  • Target Users - Educators, particularly focused on middle school science, geography, & history teachers
  • Problem - Teachers struggle with finding and incorporating content into their classrooms
  • Goal (Business)- "Change the way teachers teach"
  • Goal (Educators) - Student success and inspiration to learn/explore
  • Objective - Relaunch site with new design approaches directly informed by user research, content strategy, analytics audit, and new organizational strategy
  • Role - Lead UX Designer & Researcher
  • Team - UX Director (Client), Digital Director (Client), Visual Designer, Digital Strategist, Development Team, Project Manager, Analytics Analyst, Content Producers (Client)


This project for National Geographic Education presented an excellent opportunity to address significant usability issues for a defined user group, and further embed a user-centered, data-driven approach to the organization's digital properties. The internal team was extremely receptive to our investment in user research, and excited to incorporate insights into their work. This type of forward thinking of the team allowed us to deliver a product that incorporated user needs at every level of the product, and also develop a solid understanding of their users for overall alignment in future work.

In our research—which included stakeholder interviews, user surveys, card sorting activities with teachers, and remote usability testing of prototypes—we learned what made teachers tick, understood the internal constraints of the department, and prioritized user experience improvement areas.

Dealing with a site that is this heavy in terms of content brought us to these guiding questions:

How can teachers—short on time but excited to design lessons—discover, interact with, and manipulate content to meet their classroom needs? How can content encourage deeper engagement with National Geographic materials and programs?

This project is still underway, expected to begin development in June, 2017.