MOST Resources


  • Project - MOST Resources Site Redesign
  • Target Users - Screenwriters & Filmmakers
  • Goal - Inspire film industry leaders to portray minority characters (particularly of Muslim background) in accurate/positive ways to reduce negative stereotypes
  • Role - UX Designer
  • Team - Project Manager, External design & development team

MOST Resources conducts advocacy work and engages with film and television screenwriters and directors regarding authentic portrayals of minority ethnic and religious groups in entertainment media. 

Minority groups around the world face consistent stereotypical portrayals in entertainment, new media, and popular culture. Though this can be caused and driven by malignant intent or social/political agendas, it can also happen simply out of misinformation or lack of reliable information about that group. 

Our solution was to design an easily searchable repository of content through the Story Bank, where screenwriters and directors can easy search through positive stories that connect with the characters they're building in their writing. 

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