Explorer Magazine



  • Project - UX Audit, Testing, and Design

  • Target Users - K-6 Educators and school administrators
  • Problem - Potential subscribers unable to easily subscribe through site, or understand the product offering
  • Goal (Business)- Increase successful subscriptions
  • Goal (Educators) - Execute a subscription and understand when it will arrive
  • Objective - Uncover usability issues and propose improvements (ie the objective was not a redesign, but they were open to design improvements if needed)
  • Role - Lead UX Designer & Researcher
  • Team - Largely worked solo, with close communication with manager from the magazine, but other internal stakeholder were involved in the project in general. They included Nat Geo's UX Director, Digital Director, Development Team, Project Manager, and Explorer Magazine Director.



The Explorer Magazine team at National Geographic Society came to us after identifying challenges their users were facing with signup, and understanding the product (ie the magazine). Though they knew there were issues, they sought us out to understand those issues more, uncover if there are more through user testing, and collaboratively bring solutions to light. 

I approached this project as I had with other Nat Geo projects—work closely with the team to help them understand their users and product, align that understanding across the team, and propose improvements with the highest value and moderate-to-low development effort. This meant to design and conduct user tests, regularly share results and arrive at findings together, and work within the design system Nat Geo had in place. 

I'll be adding a more complete case study shortly, in case you're interested in how all this played out. Thanks for stopping in!