• Project - Multiple and ongoing, including product mapping, UX and UI design, and research

  • Target Users - Video storytellers, curators, and distributors 
  • Target Customers - Video on demand, linear channel, and live video distribution companies.
  • Problem - The CMS is a complex system, and the complexity makes the product unapproachable to new users
  • Goal (Business)- Have the product lead the company, requiring increased revenue and therefore a system that is less custom and adoptable by a wider user base
  • Goal (Users) - Tell their story as simply and effectively as possible
  • Objective - Advocate for, propose, and implement improvements to design of system. Bring an intentional design practice to the newly formed product team
  • Role - Lead UX/Product Designer
  • Team - Product team, including CTO, technical lead, and product manager



I joined the team at Axonista in July 2017 as their first dedicated UX Product Designer. Since dedicated design at the company is a new function, my work has spanned a number of projects. They are both long term and very immediate, blue sky thinking along with iterative improvements to the user experience. They also include process considerations, and exploring how to create a design culture in an environment that is historically engineering led. 

Though I cannot publicly share my work on Ediflo—Axonista's video CMS—please contact me if you'd like to chat about this work. I will update this case study as I progress with the company. Some of my projects include designing new user onboarding flows, concept redesign of interactive video builder, and working with the team to create a living and formalized design system for the product. 

PRODUCTCraig Phillips